Not that we would ever wish the following upon you, but imagine yourself stranded on a snowy mountain, battling with gale force winds and freezing temperatures. There is nothing in your vicinity to make a viable shelter from and you are, rightfully so, scared for your life. If this is one of your worst nightmares, please, read on about a practical solution to this problem. It is called VSSL Shelter and it is a great emergency shelter for the situations that don’t turn out like we planned.

VSSL is a company known for high quality, reliable survival gear like a unique kit called Supplies Cylinder which we have featured in one of our earlier posts. The company did not disappoint this time either with VSSL Shelter. What does this survival kit consists of? Firstly, there is a weatherproof dual mode LED flashlight (static and SOS), a temporary tent made from polyethylene (dimensions 96″ x 60″ x 36″) which reflects up to 95% of radiated heat, a 20’ rope, and an oil filled compass.

Apart from shielding you from the elements, the tent can be used as a first aid blanket to either prevent or reverse hypothermia. Another great feature of the tent is that it has a reflective surface which increases its visibility. The entire VSSL Shelter kit weighs an incredible 19 ounces, and is only 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. The kit comes with one year limited warranty.

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