When talking about multi-purpose products, it is not very likely you are going to find one that you’ll love as much as VSSL Flask Light. It may seem like just a regular flashlight, but it is so much more, and trust us, you are going to wish to get one for Christmas (you might want to share that wish with your closest ones soon).

The thing that makes VSSL Flask Light so brilliant, other than the light, which has two modes by the way, is the fact that it can hold your drinks inside it. Yep, that’s right, you can put 10oz (300ml) of beer/coffee/ice tea inside and carry it with you unsuspected. Then, when you get tired half way down the road, just open it and take a swig – it will be the perfect relief on hot summer days and it’s good to prepare in advance for those.

VSSL Flask Light

Trust us – this is going to be your next Christmas wish!

And that’s not it. The secret compartment holds two stainless steel shot cups, as well as a bottle opener. When it comes to modes that we mentioned, there is the regular, static mode and SOS mode. The lamp is an LED lantern and it can illuminate a big space at once. The lamp also comes with a compass end cap – no way are you going to get lost after you drink all the beer from your flashlight.

VSSL Flask Light diagram about parts

Take a look at this diagram for more info about the parts of VSSL Flask Light

Perfect for those who like going camping and being prepared for everything, VSSL Flask Lamp will provide everything you need while spending time in the great outdoors. We told you that you are going to ask Santa to bring you one!

P.S. The booze is not included!

Get it from Amazon here.

A man pouring coffee from VSSL Flask Light

You’ll never go for a camping trip without it again.

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