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The technology’s advancing every day and every day we have faster and more powerful cars and bikes. Speed gives you the sense of freedom and power, but it also brings safety risks. Just one moment of distraction in traffic’s enough to cause an accident with serious consequences. The bikers are at a particular risk because they’re exposed to all the elements and to higher danger if they get hit by another vehicle. Luckily, the safety measures are also advancing, and the new protective helmet, the Vozz RS 1.0  has finally arrived.

The helmet’s a must-have for all bikers, but the Vozz Helmets really put all the latest technologies, science, and advanced knowledge to work. The new Vozz RS 1.0 features a clamshell design that splits vertically to open so there’s no need for a chin strap. This technology also contributes to more coverage since the hole at the bottom can be much smaller and provide a better fit. This is the future of helmets that threatens to completely eliminate the conventional chin-strap full face helmets.

Silver Vozz Helmet, rear opening, on a white background, side view.

The Vozz RS 1.0 has an emergency release system for easy opening in case of an accident.

In addition to this, in case you’re in an accident, the Vozz RS 1.0 is really easy to get off, thanks to the emergency release system. This is a huge improvement since moving the head around if there’s a neck injury can have disastrous consequences. This helmet combines advanced technologies and supreme design for maximum comfort, safety, performance and  good looks. The design of the helmet provides a closer fit than typical helmets thanks to the rear opening. Vozz has also provided multiple shell sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

Vozz Helmet, open, upper view, inner, on a white background.

The helmet’s well padded on the inside and provides a better fit than conventional helmets.

The benefits of this innovative design are the fully adjustable chin cup that has fewer snag points as the lower edge of the chin bar can be rolled to provide a rounder shape. This way, the Vozz RS 1.0 fits better to the jaw line. The protective aspects of the helmet are uncompromised, and the rear access with emergency release system allows fast and easy helmet removal without moving the driver’s head or cutting off the helmet.

Vozz Helmet. Black, closed, tilted, on a white background.

The helmet doesn’t only provide ultimate protection but also features a cool, futuristic design.

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