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In the past month, we’ve been talking a lot about bikes. The market is filled with some new, great motorcycles such as Japanese masterpiece, Yamaha MT-10 Naked or the German thing of beauty, BMW G 310 R.

Today we feature a scrambler hailing out of France, by Motorieep, a custom motorcycle shop specializing in cafe racers, scramblers, flat trackers, street trackers, brat-style customs that came up with the design of this Voxan Scrambler.

Motorcycle photographed from the side.

The people from Motorieep hope that one the this bike will be completely electrical. [source]

The French proved themselves in the automobile industry a long time ago, but this bike could gain them some glory in the motorcycle arena. The thing that must be said is that the Motorieep is not a manufacturer like BMW or Honda. These guys are using older bikes and their parts to create custom motorcycles and create something new.  The Voxan Scrambler doesn’t have an electric engine just yet, but it possesses a hydrocarbon burning engine. The design of this motorcycle intentionally reveals the mentioned motor for a mighty and muscular look. This bike has a 996 cc V-twin engine that can produce 100 horsepowers, which is maximum that is allowed in France since 1985.

Bike photographed from the side.

Under the tank you can see the adjustable high-pressure dial that can add a few more HP to the existing 100. [source]

The makers left the engine uncovered on purpose, and they made a right choice. It looks awesome. Because of the HP limitation, people from Motorieep had to be a little bit creative to enable an option for some more horsepower. They removed the internal fuel pump and they attached a new high-pressure version with adjustable regulator under the fuel tank. So, if needed, the rider can easily turn the dial and send a few more HP through the exhaust system made of stainless steel. When it comes to fuel capacity, this bike has a rather small 10-liter fuel tank. This tank is hand-beaten and it’s remarkably thin so it leaves more than enough space for a not that small airbox.

Fuel tank photographed from up close.

The fuel tank is very thin and hand-beaten and it has a capacity of 10 liters. [source]

The suspension system is very reliable and the great Paolli forks will provide you with the much-needed stability on the road. The Voxan Scrambler’s 17-inches wide wheels are equipped with Continental TXC80 tires that will give you a good grip on off-road surfaces.

This powerful bike seems to be a great looking motorcycle for an off-road adventure and also for a smooth city ride. Voxan Scrambler may be a beginning of something huge in the French motorcycle industry, check out more of their work here. [via]

The whole bike captured from the side.

This mighty looking bike weighs 190 kg. [source]

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