Summer is here, which means outdoor fun and good times, but it also means high temperatures. If you don’t have AC in your home, then you’re in for not so good times this summer and should probably get a fan at least. So why not make the best out of this situation and get yourself a great fan which, coincidentally, looks amazing too? There is no reason not to do that, and that’s exactly what the Vornado VFan Jr. brings to the fold. Most companies which have been around for a long time have that defining product which made them known and this is it for the Vornado. Their new models of fans keep the excellent retro appearance and add great performance so they can keep up with modern manufacturers.

Vornado VFan Jr. pivot

VFan Jr.’s pivot allows for multi-directional airflow

Luckily, the VFan Jr. isn’t all about the style, and its high performance is simply boosted by its design. This fan may be small, but it can make the air flow around your room just as easily as a big fan. It has two speed settings and is equipped with a full action pivot head. This means multi-directional airflow which increases its effectiveness quite a lot.

Vornado VFan Jr. retro style

It’s amazing retro style will make everyone want to own one

Its small size allows it to be placed almost anywhere and thanks to modern technology, this fan is very quiet. This means a lot to people who get too annoyed by the sound of a working fan. The guys at Vornado are pretty serious about the craftsmanship or their fans which is why it comes with a five year warranty. As for the style, you get to choose from three different color variants: chrome, green and red.

Vornado VFan Jr. size

Due to its small size, it can be placed literally anywhere

If you believe that a fan of this size just can’t cut it as your living space is too large, than you are in luck. Vornado offers the same useful technology in two more sizes. VFan Jr. has two big brothers, VFan and VFan Sr. In case you would want to go with one of its big brothers, please, by all means go ahead as these fans are of top quality.

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