Yes, the sad truth is that we need to be constantly ‘plugged in’. We heavily depend on our iPads and iPhones and they have become crucial tools in performing our daily tasks. One of the most annoying things that can happen when using these devices is their battery going dead. In the middle of a very important phone call… Or just when you have finished that loooong email which took you ages to write…. One Florida-based “battery obsessed company“ has a solution for your problem. The solution is called VoltVoyage, an integrated battery with wireless charging capability with a suitcase.

VoltVoyage efficiency

All you have to do is place your phone on top of the suitcase and press a button; your phone will start charging immediately

The charging capacity of VoltVoyage is quite impressive – 18,000Ah – which is enough to charge your smartphone about eight to ten times. The only other thing that you need to have is a wireless device nearby. The next thing to do would be to press the button on top of the suitcase and put your phone on it. That’s it! Charging has begun! The charging area measures 2 inches by 5 inches and if you want to charge a phone in the old-fashioned way (with a cord), there are two USB ports on VoltVoyage to accommodate that.

VoltVoyage charging capacity

VoltVoyage has an impressive charging capacity of 18,000Ah

The suitcase that contains VoltVoyage is the standard carry-on size – 22 inches high, 14 inches wide and 9 inches deep. It is made from a sturdy but lightweight polycarbonate shell. The suitcase comes with TSA locks , waterproof smooth glide zippers and aluminum trolly handles. The designers also opted for silent polyurethane wheels with each of the suitcase’s corner having double wheels to ensure better stability.

VoltVoyage suitcase

Apart from being able to charge your phone, VoltVoyage is one sturdy and good-looking suitcase

Three days ago, VoltNow, the company that designed VoltVoyage, has launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise enough funds for mass production and they have already collected 50% of the required funding. There are obviously many people out there who are eager to never frantically search for a charging port in a public place again.

Check out the VoltVoyage Kickstarter promo video.

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