Vollebak Condition Black Jacket


Designed to be a “battle armour for snow sports and adventure”, Vollebak Condition Black Jacket is almost indestructible. Whatever you’re doing, in all harsh weather conditions and extreme situations, it will provide the necessary comfort, warmth and durability.

It’s constructed of multiple layers using military grade materials. The layers are elastic, breathable and insulated, as well as windproof and water repellent. The inner layer is made of Schoeller’s WB-400 softshell coated with a NanoSphere layer.

Vollebak Condition Black Jacket From The Front And Behind

Vollebak Condition Black Jacket is very tough and durable. It’s made for extreme weather conditions and survival situations.

The outer layer is made from 19 panels of ceraspace anchored in a polymer matrix. It can survive impacts at 120kmph, a micro-meteoroid shower and many other traumas or natural disasters. This material is also highly resistant to abrasion.

Probably the most important feature is its ability to keep you warm and regulate body temperature. This jacket has two Survival Pockets on the upper chest where you can slide your hands in to keep them warm. They are double-lined and have a magnetic closure, so you can open them just when you need to.

Vollebak Condition Black Jacket Survival Pocket

There are two Survival Pockets where you can put your hands to keep them warm.

Also, the material will use your body’s heat to warm the three most important arteries. Inspired by the Neil Armstrong glove that reminded him what to do, this jacket has instructions printed on the sleeve, just in case you’re unable to think clearly and you need to survive.

Vollebak Condition Black Jacket Instructions

On the sleeve, you’ll find instructions on how to keep warm in extreme conditions.

To limit the skin’s exposure, the muzzle fastens up to your goggles and the helmet can be fastened tight. Besides the two Survival Pockets, there’s one inner pocket for a phone with cable channels and one external waterproof pocket on the left upper arm.

Vollebak Condition Black Jacket With Helmet and Muzzle

You can fasten the helmet and a muzzle in a way to limit the skin’s exposure.

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