There is a constant fight between practicality of electric grills and irreplaceable taste of food cooked on wood. Well, VitalGrill Gourmet Wood BBQ is finally a way to enjoy properly prepared food and enjoy full practicality.

Wood BBQ grill

The VitalGrill is compact and easily portable tabletop unit that allows you to cook on wood even in urban environments without all the accompanying perils. In addition, it brings a dose of elegant design to the environment.

The VitalGrill Gourmet Wood BBQ’s grid and deflector are made of stainless steel with a sliding trap that allows you to feed wood or charcoal easily. The top cover is made of anodized aluminum.

Vitalgrill wood bbq

The VitalGrill also has a multi-functional tool made of stainless steel using which you can lift the lid, open or close the trap, add wood, move the deflector and use it as a real cooking tool.

The fire is evenly spread under the deflector and, with the trap closed, the temperatures can go up to 1,200°F/650°C, which means that you can cook basically anything by allowing you to grill, simmer, roast, fry, smoke and even cook.

Wood BBQ by Vitalgrill

And all this functionality comes in a surprisingly small, lightweight and portable package. The VitalGrill weighs only 15lb and has the diameter of 13.5 inches with the cooking area of 143 square inches.

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Wood BBQ grill by Vitalgrill

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