Visual Overdose #2

Hey everyone, this is the second Visual Overdose post on Jebiga. We will be posting every Friday with our favorite images of the week. In case you missed the first one, you can find it here.

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Black and white photo, guy carries a girl in a black dress

Girl pushes a guy into water from a boardwalk

Restaurant on cliff

Black and white photo two people kissing in the dessert next to the racer car

Babe handwrite

Urban dressed girl with a blue sunglasses pooling her pony tale

Girl sitting in a cabriolet car

Tree uban dressed guys sitting on wall

Dream on dreamer

Girl in a white swimming suite on sea rock

Outdoor pool of a modern architecture

Sexy blond girl covering herself with white sheets

Sexy girl in black swimsuit on a boat

Wake up and make love with me

Bedroom interior view from the entrance

Rustic working table with Mac computer on it

Black and white beach photo of two guys playing football on sand beach

Little black boy standing on one hand

Airplane on sky leaving red trail behind it

Sexy girl sitting on stairs

Arabic city doors with sunlight going through them

Guys jumping from stairs construction in the middle of the sea

Terrace hammock in white interior

Black and white photo, guy on beach standing in a ball with his hands

Guy reads newspaper and lady looks at the seaside, terrace view

Urban Nike beige shoes

Open bathroom with a seaside view

Greece white stairs

Land Lover title on a dirty Jeep

Led lights outlined basketball board in nights

Massive stairs on foggy mountains

Sexy Angelina Jolie's driving an airplane

Good things come to those who hustle

Motorbikes being transported on a boat

Black and white photo

Man with hat drawing old map

Have Faith, work hard, never give up, Stay strong, you'll get there.

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