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Tiny houses are getting more and more popular these days. They save a lot of energy and space, but at the same time they’re providing more than good living conditions. This Vista Tiny House by Escape is a perfect example how living in a tiny house can be a great experience. With only 160 square feet, Vista is much smaller than some other houses by Escape, such as Traveler for example.

When it comes to the dimensions, Vista is 25 feet (7.62 meters) long, 8.5 feet (2.5 meters) wide and 9 feet (2.7 meters) high. The whole construction weighs somewhere around 6,000 lb (2,720 kg). In order to make this tiny house comfortable, creators eliminated features like the bathtub, full-size fridge and oven. It would take some time to adjust to these conditions, but it’s not impossible.

The whole house captured from the outside.

The Vista tiny house by Escape has only 160 square feet.

The living area captured from the inside.

The living room, kitchen and dining area are all located in one big room.

The entire house is made of cedar wood, metal and glass. The kitchen, dining room and living area are basically all in one room. Living area is equipped with a bed that has a pop-up TV, kitchen has open shelves and a small fridge/freezer located below the sink. The bathroom is completely separated from the living area and even though it doesn’t have a luxurious bathtub, it has the essential stuff, such as shower and a toilet. It’s also filled with full-height cabinets and practical built-in drawers.

Bed and the TV captured from the front.

The bed is equipped with a pop-out flat TV.

Drawers under the bed captured from above.

There is some storage space under the bed and in built-in drawers all over the house.

Regarding the interior design, skilled carpenters from Escape did a nice job. The whole place is packed with bright, fine crafted wood and the floors are covered with oak laminate that goes well with the whole interior. Large glass windows are probably the highlight of the entire construction. They provide a lot of natural light, but at the same time, they’re very revealing. So, if you don’t like to be exposed you can cover them with curtains.

Kitchen captured from another angle.

The kitchen has a small fridge under the sink and a lot of shelves and storage space.

Drawers and cabinets captured from the front.

This tiny house is equipped with a lot of drawers and cabinets.

After you order the Vista tiny house, it can be delivered to you within 30 to 60 days. The introductory price is $39,900, but that only covers the basic package, so if you want some other necessary features that will make your life in the Vista tiny house comfortable, you’ll likely have to pay somewhere around $46,600.

The exterior of the Vista house captured from behind.

Vista house is is 25 feet (7.62 meters) long, 8.5 feet (2.5 meters) wide and 9 feet (2.7 meters) high.

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