Vipp Shelter


Are you stressed out? Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city life? Early morning traffic jams, deadlines to meet and a 9-5 office job can make the best of us want to run away screaming. We often need the change of scenery, and what better way to indulge in that than to spend time in nature and enjoy the calming, soothing, refreshing effect it has on us. So, today, we are bringing you a safe haven, a place where you can retreat, relax and let go. It is a cosy little getaway place – or should we rather say shelter – brought to you by Vipp. In the Vipp shelter, you can loosen up, sit back and unwind.

Interior of the Vipp shelter

The entire idea of the Vipp Shelter is to facilitate a return to nature that still offers the comfort, space and luxury that you would expect from home. It is neither a house nor a mobile home but a creation of something in between. It is a spacious, functional and liveable industrial object. Spanning 55m2 in size, this shelter offers ample space and as soon as you enter into it you will be greeted with the luxury that only Vipp can offer. All you need to get away is your iPad and your weekend backpack; the Vipp shelter offers everything else including furniture, lighting, tableware, towels and even bed linen.

Vipp shelter

Designed to allow the feeling of being one with natural surroundings, this simple steel structure is almost transparent with the exception of the bathroom and bed loft being shielded from the rest of the living space. The geometry distributed between the window frames accentuates your proximity to nature and, yet, still keeps you out of the coldest of winters. The Vipp shelter is prefabricated so there is no delay in construction. [via]

Interior design of the Vipp shelter

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