Villa Meijendel Embedded In A Sand Dune

Nestled in a coastal nature reserve in The Netherlands, Villa Meijendel is the perfect forest house. Just like the cabins you imagine when you think of a house in the woods, this villa has the same charm, at least from the outside. The black timber facade together with a valley of dunes creates beautiful landscapes.

VVKH Architecten positioned the villa right next to a sandy slope that contrasts the black exterior. It’s actually built from concrete and covered with timber and large glass windows that provide great views. According to the architect, “Villa Meijendel is a fascinating artifact, a sort of wooden forest hut fully integrated in the landscape, and with a strong connection between the interior spaces and immediate surroundings”.

the exterior of Villa Meijendel

Villa Meijendel is made by VVKH Architecten in the Netherlands, just outside The Hague.

one side of Villa Meijendel

The villa is surrounded by a sand dune and built next to a forest.

the entrance to the Villa Meijendel

The entrance to the house.

The entrance to the villa is from the mid-level, the one that houses an office and two bedrooms. The top floor is where the kitchen is, together with a large living area. Finally, all the way downstairs, you can find the master bedroom and a gym, as well as a room built for relaxing.

one room in the Villa Meijendel

The house has three levels.

the interior of Villa Meijendel

The interior is minimalistic and features raw materials.

The materials found inside are raw, varying from concrete, steel, wood and anodized aluminum. The exterior features burned long lasting wood, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique. It preserves the wood but also gives it a strange coloring that changes with the light, sometimes almost making the villa hide within the landscape. Another important part of the design is the fact that the villa is energy neutral. This means it uses solar panels for energy as well as heat pumps. [via]

two images of Villa Meijendel interior

Large windows connect the inside with the natural surrounding.

a view from the window

A view from one of the rooms.

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