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If you’re interested in history or just want a rustic knife, the Helle Viking Knife is an item inspired by belt knives Vikings used to carry. The knife was made to support the fundraiser for the all around Viking long ship voyage. It’s supposed to be a recreation of the traditional Viking knife. The blade is 4mm thick and made using triple layered laminated carbon steel. The handle is handmade from Curly Birch and it’s shaped for comfort and control.

The Helle Viking Knife is designed to stay sharp for long, and it comes in a full-grain leather sheath for protection. The sheath hangs from a thong. To provide that rustic look, the black finish of the heat treatment is left on the sides. The handle allows for a variety of grips so you can use the knife for different purposes. The dimensions of the blade are 111 mm / 4.37 inches while the handle is 107 mm / 4.21 inches long.

Helle Viking Knife with the protective leather sheath, on a white background, diagonally oriented.

The Viking Knife is inspired by traditional Viking belt knives and features a 4mm thick edge made from triple laminated carbon steel

This knife isn’t only interesting from a historical perspective but it’s also practical as it makes a good all around utility knife and an outdoor companion. Of course, if you want it to last, you have to take care of it properly. The handle needs to be dried with a soft cloth and you should wax it from time to time. As for the blade, it could benefit from an occasional greasing. The sheath also needs to be greased or waxed every once in a while to keep supple.

Helle Viking Knifewith the protective leather sheath, on a white background.

The Helle Viking Knife features a 107mm long handle made from Curly Birch

If the blade of your Viking Knife gets damaged, you can sharpen it yourself using a fine-grained grindstone and plenty of water. The cutting edge of this knife doesn’t extend all the way to the handle and this is considered as a flaw by some customers. The type of tang on this knife is rattail tang. You need to bear in mind that this piece is a historical replica so there’s no metal bolster on the front of the handle. Some customers have also reported that the edge was unevenly ground but this can also be sorted out with a grinding stone.

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Helle Viking Knife with the protective leather sheath, on a white sheet.

The Viking Knife comes with a protective full-grain leather sheath that hangs from a thong

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