Viggso Cabin Stands On An Island In The Stockholm Archipelago

Viggso Cabin is a family retreat standing right next to the coast in the eastern part of Sweden. It got its name after the island where it’s located. This minimalistic timber-framed cabin is surrounded by pine trees and provides a magnificent view of the coast.

The architects said that the goal with this cabin was to create an “unassuming space within the landscape”. The exterior uses simple wooden structures and the cabin is elevated among cliffs, trees, and dense vegetation. By constructing it this way, the impact to the surrounding was minimized.

A View On Viggso Cabin From The Coast

Viggso Cabin is a simple looking wooden home in Sweden built for a family of five.

Tw Images Of Viggso Cabin

The cabin is located on the island of the same name. It occupies around 80m2 of which 20m2 is the size of a terrace.

As for the interior, space is divided among three sections. The first one is the bottom floor. This is where the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are. The entrance is located at the rear of the house.

Viggso Cabin Windows

Viggso Cabin features wooden construction and big, floor to ceiling windows. It’s surrounded by trees, cliffs, and big rocks.

The loft is the second section and it’s reserved for kids and guests. The last segment of the Viggso Cabin is the big wooden deck that faces the water and features a semi-transparent roof.

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A View On The Water From Viggso Cabin

The big wooden deck is right next to the water.

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