View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack


Virtual reality headsets are getting popular and there’s an increased number of easy-to-use and affordable platforms. View Master from Mattel is just like that. It enables you to step into the world of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

To explore the virtual world you will need three things: a View-Master viewer, an Experience Pack and a smartphone that’s compatible. There are few steps you should follow. Firstly, download the app of the Experience pack you choose. In the pack, you’ll get a Pass Card that you need to scan on your smartphone to unlock the experience. The last thing you have to do is open the slider on View Master and put the smartphone in. There’s an orange lever on the side of it where you can enter the virtual reality world with just one click.

View Master And A Reel

View Master allows you to experience the world of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

View Master is made from thick red plastic and can fit smartphones with screen sizes up to 6 inches. It will provide you with a 360-degree experience of different environments. Right now, there are three Experience Packs available- Space, Destinations and Wildlife but there are more to come. These packs combine 360-degree photos, rendered models and flat images projected into the environment.

A Smartphone Placed Inside View Master

View Master can fit smartphones up to 6 inches.

In the Space pack, you will explore star maps, space crafts and solar system. Destinations pack will take you to New York, London and Chichen Itza and Wildlife pack visits the African Savana, Amazon and Australian Outback. You can download all three packs but if you get a physical copy of them there are reels that will allow you to view Augmented Reality content. This is a cool effect that overlays digital, 3D models on your physical environment.

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View Msster and Three Experience Packs

Currently, you can get three Experience Packs- Space, Destinations and Wildlife.

Check out this video to experience the virtual reality through View Master.

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