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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Vietnam’? Most people would think just one thing: war. Well, there’s a lot more to this Asian country we’re not familiar with. Frustrated with the fact that people only know of this dark moment in Vietnam history, French photographer Réhahn went on a journey to discover the beauties of this country and show it to the world. His book, Vietnam, Mosaic Of Contrasts shows the unknown beauty of Vietnam to the world.

Réhahn began his journey in the summer of 2013. He had set himself a goal to document the diverse cultural landscape of Vietnam. This exploration of the country has resulted in a number of photographs, of which he then selected the best ones, and published them in the book Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts. Réhahns camera captured the charming landscapes, as well as urban areas, and the people of Vietnam, from North to South, in all their diversity.

Vietnam, Đồng Văn Valley

This book brings the amazing landscapes of Vietnam to rest our eyes on.

Réhahns book already has two volumes, and this photographer is still exploring the remote corners of Vietnam. He’s mesmerized by the supreme landscapes, as well as the close relationship the people of Vietnam have with their environment. Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts is a big coffee table book that represents a compilation and a sort of a diary Réhahn made during his journey. A series of 145 wonderful photographs are published in this 2.3kg book. The dimensions of the book are 28 x 33cm.

The children of Vietnam posing for Réhahn.

The book also features the people of Vietnam and their culture and allows us to understand their way of life.

If you’re willing to learn more about this beautiful country that’s managed to enchant the photographer Réhahn, take a peek inside his book Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts. There you’ll find breathtaking landscapes; you’ll get familiar with the people of Vietnam, their culture, and their lifestyle. The photographer tells us a story with each photograph in the book. This will help you grow a better understanding for the country and its people. [via]

 person in a boat paddling through the Tra Su Forest (Chau Doc)

The photographer has traveled to the most remote parts of Vietnam to document these mesmerizing natural settings.

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