Victor Manitou 13″ Half Hatchet


With winter in full-force, we’re sure that you have your fireplaces blazing. Of course, to keep your fireplace stocked, you’re going to need a good axe. Or, as the case may be, a super comfortable and sharp half hatchet. Brought to you by Victor, the Manitou 13” Half Hatchet does not disappoint.

Built to be rugged, and ready, the Manitou Half Hatchet is designed to last.

This wood-chopper was proudly built in the USA. The blade was forged in the Midwest by BARCO Industries.

Victor Manitou 13” Half Hatchet chopped into a log

The half hatchet comes with a hand-honed blade and an octagonal hammer head.

Firstly, one defining characteristic of this hatchet is the fact that it has a stunningly crafted 13” American Hickory handle. Not only does this give it an amazing look, but also a superb grip and exceptional durability. The neck and the shoulders of the Half Hatchet have also been wrapped in 10 feet of Mil-Spec 550 paracord. An addition 6 feet can be found at the base of the handle, for those moments when you need to tie up loose ends.

Victor Manitou 13” Half Hatchet being carried by a man

The end of the American Hickory handle has been coated in matchstick red paint to give it a style of its own.

Furthermore, the forged Half Hatchet head features an octagonal hammer face. Besides, this goes without mentioning the razor-sharp blade that has been polished to mirror perfection. The cutting-edge measures 3.5” and has been honed by hand. The Manitou Half Hatchet also comes with a premium leather head cover that allows you to carry it on your right hip.

Victor Manitou 13” Half Hatchet with leather holster

The leather holster-style head cover allows you to carry it on your right hip for ease of transport.

The head itself has been constructed out of 1060 – 1078 grade alloy steel and weighs 1.25 pounds for that extreme chopping force. The entire hatchet weighs in at about 2 pounds.

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