VHS Camcorder App For Iphone


Technology has evolved rapidly in the past decade. We can now have everything we need on our iPhone or other smartphones. We have a camera, a camcorder, radio, video, audio player and so much more, all that in one tiny device. That was unimaginable back in the 80’s. But camcorders from that time had something special. When we watch videos made on those cameras back then, we feel kinda nice and nostalgic. For all of you who want to be able to record those soulful videos again, we present you the VHS Camcorder App for iPhone that will allow you to travel back in time while recording some awesome 80’s home videos.

Landscape of a city.

Travel back in time by setting any date you want on your recording.

Regarding the features, the VHS Camcorder App has a wide variety of them. You can turn on the landscape video mode, the black and white mode and you can also snap pictures while recording. There’s also an option to zoom in and out that’s designed exactly like it was on the older camcorders. This app also has a reverse picture mode feature. That one is essential for a good 80’s selfie, of course. After you try out all of these features and make awesome photos, you can save those pictures from the VHS Camcorder App straight to your camera roll.

80's styled landscape image of a city.

You can use landscape mode, zoom in and out just like on the old camcorders and you can snap images while recording.

Alongside with all these cool features, there’s also a lot of recognizable retro VHS skins from the 80’s. While you’re recording, the date is going to look like the ones from the old camcorders but you can set that date you are in of course. Although, if you want to joke around with your friends, you can record something now, set some random date from the 80’s and there you go, they’ll think that you have some authentic tape from the past.

Options inside the App.

You can show the recording date, and you can also put any date you like on your recording.

Back in the day all of us didn’t just have a favorite movie, but we also had a favorite VHS tape of that movie. Today, you can buy everything online and on app stores, which is great of course, but in the 80’s we were borrowing tapes from each other and we would all sit in front of the VHS player and watch it together. It was simply a unique and intimate experience with our friends. With this VHS Camcorder App, you can relive some of those moments.

A man photographed from the front.

Create the authentic 80’s videos with all its adorable imperfections.

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