If you don’t have enough room in your home to grow plants horizontally and are forced to retire your green thumb, why not go vertically with a lovely product called URBIO – Vertical Magnetic Garden?! URBIO magnetic garden is both a planter, and a storage facility, composed of eco-plastic pots and big neodymium magnets that can hold just about anything to the wall or any rigid surface for that matter.

URBIO’s wall plates are portable – you can put up a single URBIO pot, or completely fill your wall with them. Each pot has its own puck that can be used to mount the pot to just about any wall. If you want to attach pots together, the pucks will do the trick. URBIO also looks very stylish (unlike makeshift PVC bottles that many use as pots) with its gently curved top and modern forms.

Vertical garden

Beau Oyler and Jared Aller of Enlisted Design and Tim Cui of Volare Studio came up with this brilliantly practical idea which was received with a lot of support on Kickstarter, as well as by many bloggers. The designers’ goal was to collect $15,000, but that goal was surpassed several times and the project managed to earn $77,434.

URBIO also makes an excellent starter kit for urban gardeners which can transform a dreary gray wall of your home into a minute green oasis. watch video below

Get it from Amazon here

Wall planters by Urbio

Vertical magnetic garden by Urbio

Vertical magnetic garden

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