Food connoisseurs swear by sriracha. This iconic hot sauce is a must have whether you are preparing seafood, noodles, soups, eggs, burgers or even cocktails. For all you sriracha virgins who are yet to encounter this delectable sauce, here is the basic information about it. It is made from chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt and originally hails from eastern Thailand. Or Vermont, if you are Big Lenny and Jackson and you are the creators of delicious Vermont maple syrup sriracha.

Yes, you read that well. Maple syrup! By the way, Big Lenny is a local legend in Vermont who’s been serving tasty hot dogs at his stand in Rutland, Vermont for over a quarter of a century and Jackson is a web designer and developer who has been a big fan of sriracha sauce for a long time. So, how did Big Lenny and Jackson decide to make this hot sauce from the original Vermont Maple? As fate would have it, Jackson’s favorite sriracha sauce was starting to make him sick and the culprit was the sulfite preservatives in the sauce.

Vermont Maple Sriracha

When he found out that almost all sauce ingredients could be sourced locally and that Vermont maple syrup sriracha would be a great twist, he contacted Big Lenny and Vermont Maple Sriracha was born. The syrup proved to be a surprisingly good ingredient because it provided the perfect balance between sweet and savory. Vermont Maple Sriracha is all natural, handmade hot sauce. It contains only five ingredients (Fresno peppers, apple cider vinegar, Vermont pure maple sugar and syrup, garlic and kosher salt), and it is free of gluten, preservatives and sulfites.

If you are keen on trying this wonderful sauce, but are strapped for recipes, Big Lenny and Jackson have you covered. Just click on the recipes section on their website.

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