21st century living is all about saving time. We like things that are fast, efficient and don’t take up much of our energy. The same can be said for kitchen appliances, and particularly for this practical little gadget called VeggiChop. This hand-powered food chopper is designed by Chef’N, a Seattle-based company which has more than 250 products patented worldwide.

VeggiChop can chop just about anything – fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, herbs, boneless meat, and even ice. Since this is a hand-powered appliance, no electricity is needed which makes it perfect for camping trips and travels. VeggiChop is incredibly easy to use – just load whatever you want to chop and pull the ring on the top in horizontal direction. The amount of pulls you do determine how finely or coarsely your fruit, vegetables, or nuts are going to be chopped. And that’s it! Simple and ingenious, wouldn’t you say?

VeggiChop hand powered food chopper

VeggiChop comprises of a container, chopping lid, stainless steel blade and bonus storage lid, all dishwasher safe apart from the chopping lid which the manufacturer recommends to be hand washed. The chopper weighs only 2 pounds and measures 5.5 inches in diameter and is just over 5 inches high. VeggiChop’s capacity is 3.8 cups or 900ml.  Also, it is BPA free and it comes in two available colours – pink and mint green.

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VeggiChop food chopper

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