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RFID technology has been around for a while and it has made it easier for consumers and business because it removes the need for you to reveal your pin and it is much quicker since you simply tap your card to the payment system. However, hackers can also exploit this by using RFID scanners and can steal all of your info without even touching you. Luckily for us, the ultimate RFID protection has been created and it is called VAULTCARD.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

The VAULTCARD is unique in many ways that really does make it the ultimate RFID protection system. By simply placing the VAULTCARD in the middle of your wallet, you never have to worry about having your info stolen again and considering that in 2014 over 30 million Americans were subject to credit card fraud, this really does come as a blessing. Don’t forget to check out the introduction video below.

VaultCard front face

Smooth, sleek, stylish and sophisticated. The VAULTCARD will protect your wallet without any hassle.

How does the VAULTCARD work? The VAULTCARD features patent pending RFID protection technology that was based on the sophisticated jamming signals that are used by the military. When the VAULTCARD picks up an electromagnetic signal, it automatically employs its own jamming signal thus rendering the attack futile. In fact, this technology is so advanced that if the skimming equipment is more powerful, the VAULTCARD will produce a stronger jamming signal which means that you are safe even from the most powerful skimmers and it is so sensitive that it can respond to signals hundreds of times smaller than those required for contactless card payments.

The internals of the VaultCard

The VAULTCARD uses highly sophisticated jamming technology that was based on the jamming signals that the Military uses.

The VAULTCARD is also super slim at only 1.1mm and can protect your wallet at 1.6” on either side of the card. Did we mention that it lasts forever? By incorporating an extremely efficient energy harnessing system, you never need to charge the VAULTCARD since it is powered by the energy from an RFID Scanner.

VaultCard features

The VAULTCARD is simply packed full of features and it’s easy to see why many people backed this project.

Finally, we have the protection that we have all been waiting for but you better jump to get your early bird package on Kickstarter!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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