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Electric bicycles have always been cumbersome since they usually had a heavy motor on the side which just made pedaling, when it was necessary, much harder and also added nothing to the aesthetic of the bicycle. Luckily technology has leaped forward so much that this isn’t a problem anymore and we can thank the minds at VanMoof for that since they created the world’s “first beautiful electric bike” and you’ll find no argument from our side.

The VanMoof Electrified S is more than just a bicycle; it’s smart, theft-proof and energy-efficient. Weighing in at a measly 18.4kg (40.5 pounds), the Electrified S can travel 75 miles at 10 miles per hour, per charge! Although, it has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It gets all this power from the sleek 250-watt sleek on-board motor that has been designed to fit into the frame of the bicycle.

Grey VanMoof Electrified S

With VanMoof Electrified S, you can travel around 75 miles per one charge.

To make it theft-proof, the Electrified S simply requires you to place your hand on the sensor and it automatically unlocks. However, in the event that it does get stolen, the bike has GPS so that you can track it wherever it may be with your Electrified S smartphone app and it features anti-theft screws and nuts, just in case. The smartphone app also gives you the ability to power-up or lock your bike with the swipe of a finger.

A Guy Sitting On VanMoof Electrified S

To lock the bike, simply place your hand on the bike. No more keys.

To make the Electrified S more efficient, and easier on your legs, they super-powered it so that no hill or extra mile will stop you from getting where you need to be. The electric assist function will allow you to go twice as fast with minimal effort; so much so that you can travel the distance of Manhattan five time!

You can preorder your own VanMoof Electrified S in 3 different colors. watch video below

Grey VanMoof Electrified S Next To A River

With the app, you can power it up and lock it down in just a few seconds.

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