Valley Of The Gods: A Silicon Valley Story


We all know that Silicon Valley is where all the technological magic of the world takes place. It is from there that we are getting advances in all areas of science via technology. However, what’s it really like in Silicon Valley? Alexandra Wolfe, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, allows us an inside look. With her first book, Valley of The Gods: A Silicon Valley Story, we can actually experience what it is like.

Valley of The Gods follows the stories of three young upstarts who have dedicated their lives to work and live in Silicon Valley. Their hopes, to become the next in line of technological giants such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. This book is also the first time that anybody has documented the struggles that some of the brightest young minds go through to achieve their goal of making billions of dollars.

In this story, we find the fantastical world where ordinary rules no longer apply. Where sex symbols are determined by thick glasses and baggy jeans. We learn how differently these people live from the rest of us. Besides, their amazing thought processes.

Bloomberg Businessweek had this to say, “A jauntily paced anthropological look at Northern California’s techtopia. The Palo Alto semispoof is becoming a crowded genre (Mike Judge’s HBO show, Antonio García Martínez’s memoir Chaos Monkeys, etc.), but Wolfe, a Wall Street Journal reporter and former Bloomberg Businessweek columnist, has found relevant new eyes through which to show outsiders around.”

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