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Valentine’s Day is getting closer and you wouldn’t want to be that person who forgets to get his girl a nice gift (they all expect it, trust us). Maybe the worst than forgetting is getting something in the last minute, just in order to have a gift. To avoid that, we decided to help you out this year with some carefully chosen Valentine’s day gift ideas and get you inspired on time. Check them out:

1 – Moon Dust

Moon Dust

The box packed with all-natural energy boosters.

On the first look, you probably don’t know what Moon Dust is. In this box, you’ll find 12 packs of all-natural energy boosters. Everything is made using a blend of different wildcrafted herbs, adaptogenic plants, and bioactive minerals. There are six types and you get two of each – spirit, beauty, power, brain, dream and sex. The great thing is that the packs are compact and great for travel.

BUY | $29.98

2 – Spa Day Gift Set

Spa Day Gift Set

A perfect relaxation set.

With the Spa Day Gift Set, your girl will enjoy ultimate relaxation. The set includes Herbivore Calm Bath Salts made from relaxing aromas of essential oils. There’s the lavender candle with a 100% renewable soy wax, Poppy Floral Sleep Mask that allows for a better night’s sleep and of course, the Valentine’s Day card where you can write your message.

BUY | $85

3 – The Original Time Teller

The Original Time Teller

An elegant watch with a brushed rose gold case.

What more elegant than a minimalistic, stylish watch? This one features a brushed rose gold case and an Italian leather strap. Not to forget the accurate and durable Japanese quartz movement because you’d want the watch to last and always remind her of you. Speaking of durability, the watch is water resistant to light splashes and moisture.

BUY | $119

4 – Copper Turquoise Jewelry Box

Copper Turquoise Jewelry Box

This vintage looking box is truly timeless.

The beautiful copper box is great for keeping small accessories. Designed by J. Alexander, the box draws inspiration from early Navajo metalworkers. It was made using natural turquoise stone and the great news is that the copper will turn into a nice color as it ages. You can keep all of your silver chains for women in there for safekeeping. As for the dimensions, it measures 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches.

BUY | $64.98

5 – Oil Painting Kit

Oil Painting Kit

The kit contains everything necessary to make an oil painting.

If your girl is creative, loves to build, shape or design, this is a perfect gift for her. This Painting Kit is created to inspire and comes packed with everything necessary to create an oil painting. You’ll get an 11 × 14 inch canvas, six oil paints chosen by artist Emily Jeffords, 3 different hogs hair brushes and a linseed oil and mineral spirits.With the set, she’ll also receive an online digital workshop access with Emily that will cover the basics of oil painting.

BUY | $74.98

6 – Polished Rose Quartz Point Necklace

Polished Rose Quartz Point Necklace

Rose quartz is considered a love stone- what better than that?

Just like the name says, this rose quartz necklace comes in a nice hexagon, pointy shape. This crystal is usually represented as the love stone, so there’s a nice meaning behind the gift. Interesting is that it got the color from the presence of titanium, during the time it took to cool down. You can choose between three types of chains – the 14k gold fill, 14k rose gold fill or sterling silver chain. Also, you can choose the length.

BUY | $19.36+

7 – Personalized Hardcover Notebook

Personalized Hardcover Notebook

You can personalize this beautiful flowery notebook by getting it engraved.

The last item on our list is a handmade hardcover notebook. It’s useful as a journal or a sketch book since the paper goes well with charcoal, marker or a fountain pen. The cover is made from a floral cotton canvas. The best part- you can get it engraved on the piece of leather in front. Depending on what your girl will use it for, writing or drawing, you can get it with blank or lined pages.

BUY | $16.57

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