Vagabund Custom BMW R100R


Are you a scrambler lover? Or do you prefer cafe racers? Or do you maybe love both? Well, it doesn’t matter anymore because the people from Vagabund created a perfect combination of those two types of motorcycles – The Vagabund BMW R100R. This bike is designed for off-road and adventurous driving, but at the same time, it’s a luxurious all-terrain motorcycle.

Vagabund is a new and small workshop founded in Graz, Austria in 2015, with a goal to create unique vintage bikes by redesigning, rebuilding and optimizing antiquated motorcycles. Vagabund cooperated with BMW and together they made this rugged off-road motorcycle. The thing that you’ll notice first is the unorthodox frame and build. It almost seems like it’s incomplete, but somehow this bike manages to pull off that “unfinished” look.

Bike photographed from the front.

Vagabund BMW R100R has a uniquely low positioned headlight.

The front end of a bike captured from up close.

All the bikes from Vagabund workshop are completely handcrafted.

Completely covered in black, this bike looks like something Batman would’ve happily ridden through Gotham city. Regarding the engine, there are no exact specifications to be found just yet, but it’s known that this motorcycle has a powerful “R Series” engine by BMW. The thing that must be emphasized is that Vagabund motorcycles are all completely handcrafted. Below the massive fuel tank, you’ll see an airhead that is welded with a raw exhaust that follows the unique line of the frame upwards and ends up right behind the seat.

Exhaust pipe captured from the side.

The exhaust pipe goes all the way up and ends behind the seat.

The suspension handles are very big and rugged looking, but besides that mighty look, they’re providing the bike with much-needed stability during an off-road driving and also with a smooth city driving experience. As you can see, the tires are made especially for off-road driving so you’ll maybe experience a little bit of a wheelspin if you push it too far on smoother surfaces, but all in all, these tires have a nice grip on rugged and on smooth terrain.

What makes this Vagabund BMW R100R stand out from all others is definitely the unique frame and an extremely low position of the headlight. All that works perfectly to ensure you with a safe voyage through dark and different weather conditions. Another feature that makes this bike unique is the location of the speedometer. It was mounted directly on the gearbox in order to keep the front profile clean. The original battery was changed into a smaller one, and it was hidden under the tank where it perfectly fits the whole design of this motorcycle.

Bike captured from behind.

What makes this Vagabund BMW R100R stand out from all others is the unique frame.

This project may be the turning point and a start of something big when it comes to Austrian motorcycle workshop Vagabund. If these guys keep up the amazing work, classic and custom motorcycles enthusiasts can only look forward to some cool new handcrafted vintage bikes. [via]

Motorcycle photographed from the side.

Speedometer is mounted directly on the gearbox in order to keep the front profile clean.

See the unique Vagabund BMW R100R motorcycle in the video below.

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