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If you’re into watches, especially the unusual ones, the Void V02 Mk. II Watch might be just the watch you’re looking for. This watch is said to be ‘’An unusually clever watch with a unique way of telling time.’’ And at first glance, you’ll certainly be confused. Although it features the characteristic Void square design and it has the regular three hands, you just won’t be able to understand it at first. But with a simple instruction, all will be clear and you’ll be more than happy with this cool watch.

The Void V02 Mark II features a sandblasted 316 stainless steel case that measures 36x42x8mm so it’s probably a little smaller and thinner than you’d expect. Unlike many modern watches that tend to be digital, this watch has an analog Japanese quartz Miyota movement and is topped with a sapphire crystal that reduces scratching. The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters so you can safely take it for a swim or a shower if you opt for a metal bracelet.

Void VO2 Mark II Watch, silver with black leather strap in a black and white background.

The Void VO2 Mark II watch is an unusual analog watch that features a square design and tells time in a unique and clever way

Now to get to that puzzling part. How do you tell time with this watch? It’s actually pretty simple. Just like any other watch, the Void V02 Mark II Watch features a short hand that counts the hours and the longer hands that count minutes and seconds. The ‘compass needle’ hands that show hours and minutes are tipped in white and red and all you need to do is match the tip color with the digit that has the same color. Although it seems unusual, it’s actually pretty clever and straightforward.

Void VO2 Mark II Watch, silver with black leather strap, front, side, back and tilted view on a white background.

The VO2 Mark II has a stainless steel casing available in black, silver or gold and it’s 50 meters waterproof

The Void V02 Mk. II watch is available in black or silver and those can be combined with leather or steel straps while the gold option only comes with leather straps. This watch has a unique way of telling time and it looks pretty unusual so if you decide to get it, be ready for the attention it will bring and be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

Void VO2 Mark II Watches, black, silver and gold, front view, on a white background.

This watch features Japanese quartz movement and a dial with three ‘compass needle’ hands tipped in red or white

Check out the video below for a close look:

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