Useless Gadgets: Check Out These 11 Gadgets, Tools & Other Useless Items You Have Use For

You may be asking why we’re bring you information on useless gadgets well, in defense it’s not because we’re trying to clutter your surroundings with junk you don’t need.What we aim to do is feature a variety of items that deserve more recognition and attention then they’re getting and provide you with some detailed information in case you don’t already know much about them. Basically, we’ll show you why these so called ‘useless gadgets/items of personal care or comfort’ are actually way cooler than you originally thought and why they’re worth buying and trying out!

Let’s get to it and introduce you to the useless must have gadgets, tools & other items for ‘grooming‘, ‘ tech‘, ‘sport & hobby‘ and ‘pleasure’ and no we don’t mean that kind of pleasure guys! It’s all clean in this one although if you stay turned for this coming Friday, we may get a little down and dirty with some upcoming topics.

11 Must Have Gadgets, Tools & Other Items For Today’s Modern Man

With every item on our list, we’ll introduce you to the product, lay out the contents, and share with you a collection of comments from product and customer reviews.

Grooming Gadgets


If you care for the hair on your head why not give the same attention to your beard. Made with a two sized tooth comb with brush bristles on one end to help tidy up. The L shaped design is fit for any beard so you can shape your locks to perfection. The Groomarang has been labeled by the company as, ‘The beard styling comb that keeps giving back’ It’s also considered one of the best beard shaping combs on the market. In addition to styling your beard, the Groomarang is one of our must have gadgets and it even helps brush beard oil through your beard for that smooth finish.


  • 1 Beard Comb
  • White paper case

Let the reviews speak: Good quality, great for shaping and taming any beard length, affordable, easy to use

*For beard styling tips, check out this video!!!!

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Beard Pack

Why does there seem to be so many options out there for women with personal grooming products but not enough for men? Men value their appearance just as much as women now a days and having a long luscious beard for many is something to strive for. The beard pack from Uncommon Goods is a great new addition to your personal care regime and will leave your beard looking smooth, with a great shine, and well kept. One of the unique things to note about this product is that it is vegan & cruelty free!


  • Beard Oil
  • Whisker Wash
  • Mustache Wax

Let the reviews speak: Great price point, leaves the beard silkier and soft making it easy to comb, more manageable to style, shiny finish, the product really does perform

* Some reviews did comment that the smell of the product wasn’t the most desirable

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Braun Series 7 799cc 6

If you’re like me and think that it’s not only less hassle but cheaper to buy a dollar store bag of razors, we may have just found one of the next grooming tools that will work easily and cost can be justified by its insanely great quality. There’s 3 models on this bad boy All-Star Shaving System (Sensitive, Normal, Intensive) and you can use it for either a wet or dry shave. The pivot head also allows you to adapt to close contours for that precise and clean shave.


  • 2 bonus CCR2 clean and charge cartridges
  • Clean & charge station

Let the reviews speak: Clean shave, zero issues, very satisfied with performance, most high end model in the series.

* Although this product is highly recommended, there are a few reviewers who strongly prefer the Braun Series 9-9093

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Tech & Tool Gadgets

Powerstation XL

Never be without a charge, on any of your devices, with this battery pack from Mophie. With three separate USB ports where you can charge multiple devices simultaneously; there is up to 100 hours of power to accommodate your tech needs throughout the day. The product itself is a bit heafty, at 15.5ounces but with a batttery capacity of 12,000mAh  and charging ports rated for 2.4 amps it’s expected that it won’t be the most lightweight. It’s important to note that with two devices plugged in at once, the amps available dip to 1.5amps.


  • Powerstation XL
  • Micro USB cable

Let the reviews speak: Insane amount of charging capacity, wouldn’t leave the house without it, holds a charge like no other, multiple purchases made because the product was so great and the user wanted to gift it to friends and family

* Comments were made that it was a bit heavy but this wasn’t a deal breaker for anyone really

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LG Watch Urbane W150

Want to feel like everything is at your fingertips? The LG Urbane W150 is android compatible and allows you to check your email, social media notifications, and even respond to messages. Other great features of the watch is that it is quick to recharge and has a 4GB storage space which is great for syncing your playlists. The smart watch is also waterproof up to 1 m for a duration of 30 min.


  • 1.3 display screen
  • Leather band
  • 1 Lithium ion battery

Let the reviews speak: Impresive styling and battery life, has the ability to activate the wifi and turn it off automatically depending on your bluetooth connection, no regret with the purchase!

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5 in 1 Tool Pen

If you aren’t much for gadgets but still want a tool that allows you to handle those odd jobs, try out the 5 in 1 tool pen, it’s made of silicon and aluminum and fits the bill for what must have gadgets should be. With your new tool, you’ll eliminate the need to ever search around in your junk drawer again!


Let the reviews speak: Lightweight, unique, durable, good for general office tasks

*Some reviewers noted that the pen doesn’t right at all angles which can be a bit of an annoyance

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Sport & Hobby

Wheel Bright Magnetic Bike Light

Peddling at seriously fast speeds or going over bumps on a poorly maintained road? I’m sure it’s happened to you where you’ve lost a light along the way and are forced to truck on blind in the night, relying on the headlights of vehicles to illuminate your path. Not only is loosing a light unsafe it’s also a pain. Carry these palm sized magnetic bike lights with you allow you to regain light. Easily snap them on whenever you’re down a light or need to unexpectedly cycle home late. The lights have three settings (Steady beam, slow flash, quick flash) and activate when attached to the metal frame. The LED lights have a run time of up to 40 H and are made of a combination of plastic and metal around the light.


  • 2 Sets of LED lights (Front – White, Back – Red)
  • 2 CR2032 batteries per light

Let the reviews speak: Useful at night, compact, strong and durable magnets, no bulk, powerful, well made

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DIY Guitar Hero Pick Punch

Sick and tired of always needing to buy more guitar picks every time they go missing and tired of seeing those old bank or club cards stack up and collect dust in the drawer? Well, let’s kill two birds with one stone and offer up a crafty and effortless solution. Let us introduce you to the Guitar Hero Pick Punch from Pick-A-Palooza.


  • Punch with stainless steel blade
  • Leather pick holder key chain (holds up to 10 picks)
  • 15 starter strips
  • Info PDF (Titled Pick-a-Palooza)

Let the reviews speak: Handles smooth, works as advertised, best for thinner cards, better quality than expected, produces consistently sized picks

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Agate Geode Book Ends

If you don’t have an eye for interior design but still want to add a few touches to your pad, why not place these fine additions on your bookshelf. Sophisticated and chic, polished agate geode bookends from Crystal Allies will definitely class up your shelf space.


  • Pair of polished agate geode certified stones

Let the reviews speak: Great weight, good value for price, perfect to add color to a shelf, functional yet stylish decorative piece

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On The Rocks Granite Chilling Stones

If you’re a fine whisky and spirit drinker or simply want to keep your drink chilled, these granite stones made of solid granite gathered from England beaches could help you out. Created by Arra David & Anne Johnson, the makers don’t try to fool you into thinking that these are the be all of drink chillers because let’s face it, nothing can replace an ice cube. The reason we’ve added these chilling stones to our list is because if you’re a spirit drinker looking for ways to play around with your whisky or other spirit experience, you will probably have a good time testing these out. Not only do they look super cool but at the least, they will be able to help chill your beverage to the ideal drinking temperature, around the 50’s (Fahrenheit) without dilution. On the other hand, if you’re someone who likes the slow dilution of your spirit as you drink then we won’t try and convince you, these are probably not for you.


  • 6 stone chillers
  • Hardwood Tray
  • 2 Tumblers

Let the reviews speak: Great product that doesn’t impart any flavor or dilute your drink, perfect bar accessory, definitely a hit, sleek and stylish

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Gravity Blanket

You may or may not have heard of this item, a recent Kickstarter project that lately has fell under a bit, or rather quite a lot of criticism for making health claims that using the blanket would help treat conditions such as insomnia. The Gravity blanket falls into the category of a general wellness product which means it isn’t regulated by the FDA and thus is a low risk health intervention.

The Science

The idea behind the product is great and based on previous scientific research relating to gravity and its effects on reducing stress and anxiety, this blanket is definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for a low risk health intervention. the blanket apparently works by applying an even pressure to your body which acts as a form of deep touch therapy. This type of therapy often claims at increasing serotonin levels thus creating melatonin which is a major factor in regulating sleep.

Check out this study on how deep touch therapy can help reduce anxiety


  • 48” x 78” Weighted blanket

Let the reviews speak: The company has said that the manufactures are ready to begin shipping products in late September or October therefor at the moment no customer reviews exist. What we do know is that the mid range priced product seems to be of a greater quality than the current weighted blankets on the market, it is made of 100 % cotton and contains high density plastic pellets (HDPE)  which is what adds the weight to the blanket. Other points to note is that Gravity is also pet friendly and is able to be put in both the washer and dryer

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