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We all know, whether we drive or not, that if a vehicle’s tank reads premium, we must fill it with premium gas. If I was to make the claim that we take care of our vehicles better than our bodies, would you agree? I’m sure that many of you would say I was crazy but listen up. It’s an obvious statement that if we want our vehicle to perform correctly, last longer and be less susceptible to damage then it’s not only advisable to fill it with the correct fuel but it’s actually non negotiable. Do you see where this is going… I’m pretty sure we’d all agree that our body’s nutritional ‘tanks’ take premium fuel to run but yet the majority of us are filling them with crap and expecting them to run at their highest performance; sorry buddy it doesn’t work like this. Of course we can get by for a period of time by fuelling our bodies with junk but sooner or later the effects of filling our tanks with low quality nutrients will become blatantly obvious.

Now-a-days the food we consume is not as nutritionally dense as it once was which means we are needing to make more of an effort to compensate for these nutrient losses. USANA Health Sciences has found an incredible solution for ensuring that you keep your tank full of high quality nutrients so that your body can function at full capacity, even when you have to put it into overdrive. If we take our vehicles seriously when it comes to maintenance, why not do the same with our bodies. To introduce you to the world of USANA, we’ll delve into some background of the company, give you an overview of their product lines with a focus on their flagship product and explain some of the benefits it has to improving your quality of your life.

History of USANA

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Unlike many nutritional supplement companies, USANA Health Sciences was founded by a scientist rather than a corporate suit and good marketers. In 1992 Dr. Myron Wentz began moving forward with his mission to create a healthier world by developing the most outstanding nutritional products that supported health. Dr. Wentz, a microbiologist, immunologist, and pioneer in the area of diagnosis of infectious disease, built his company on quality by focusing  on cutting edge science, extensive research, and incredibly high manufacturing standards. The direction of USANA has been and continues to be based around customer nutrition and finding the best solutions for individuals looking to make a positive change in their lives.

From USANA’s beginnings, they have been consistently moving forward and developing. One important milestone for USANA Health Sciences came in 1999 with the creation of Team USANA which saw the company sponsoring its first athletes, the U.S. and Canadian speed skating teams. Team USANA has grown to include over 700 athletes from the NFL, WTA, champion boxers and Olympic athletes. In many countries we don’t do enough to fund our athletes which is why they are not going to spend lots of money to mess around with products that aren’t effective. Based on the statistics and numbers of athletes using USANA today, it’s clear to see that whether or not the product is effective isn’t even a question.

Immediately following the creation of Team USANA, the company began offering their Athlete Guarantee Program which essentially gave all athletes who were enrolled a guarantee that stated, if they were to test positive for any banned substance as a result of taking USANA products, the company would pay them two times their yearly sports earnings, up to a maximum of $1 Million. With a guarantee like that, it’s no wonder this company has gained the confidence of professional athletes. Taking a nutritional supplement shouldn’t place an athlete at risk of testing positive for a banned substance; it appears that USANA has a clear track record of providing the best possible nutritional essentials that athletes can take without worry and more importantly they can believe in.

Although USANA is a trusted brand loved by athletes, the USANA line of products is for everyone whether you’re looking to maintain your optimal health or are focused on regaining your energy back after a burnout, they offer a solution no matter what plagues you.

Isn’t it Just Another Supplement?

I’m sure many people feel the same when they hear about another nutrient miracle supplement that comes on the market but what’s great about this company is they don’t seem to be making any crazy claims on their product that it will be your magic pill and they most certainly don’t say that it will prevent cancer. By definition, a nutritional supplement can include anything from vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports nutrition products, natural food supplements and other products that are used to boost nutritional value in ones diet. USANA fits this definition to the T but yet they appear miles ahead in a category of their own.

USANA seems to be more than just a company who sells nutritional supplements but rather, they are a community of like minded individuals who are passionate about healthy living and want to share their experiences of how USANA has helped them so they can help others in their path to healthy living too. When you purchase USANA its as if you are becoming a part of a trusted community who is there to support you in your journey to an improved quality of life. They have a great reputation and extremely high company integrity which makes one believe that they’re not just a bunch of pill pushers but are actually a company of caring individuals who are committed to improving their health and those around them.

Product Line

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USANA offers an extensive product line complete with a wide range of health supplements. For the purpose of providing an overview of the brand we’ve chose to go into more detail with their flagship product as many people have probably never heard of USANA before and here would be a good starting point.

  • Nutrients

– Essentials

– Optimizers

– Digestion/Detox

  • Food & Energy

– MySmart Food

– Energy

– Classic Foods

  • Personal Care

– Skincare

– Skin Treatment

– Hair & Body

Let’s look at their flagship!

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The flagship product of USANA is their CellSentials Pack, which they label as a triple-action cellular nutrition system; created to nourish, protect, and renew for optional cellular health. This pack includes their Vita-Antioxidant and Core Minerals products that are suppose to provide high-quality vitamins and antioxidants together with a balanced range of essential minerals and trace minerals which are highly absorbable within the body. The CellSentials pack provides a crucial foundation for maintaining optimal nourishment. To ensure long term health of your cells, the product also contains an antioxidant protection and mitochondrial renewal aids. Within their Vita-Antioxidant product, they add an InCelligence Complex which is there to support production of your own cells endogenous antioxidants as well as the activation of mitophagy. This is essential because the mitophagy is your body’s process of removing and recycling mitochondria from the cell that is damaged so that it can efficiently renew our cellular energy production.

USANA stresses that their 28-day supply of their Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant supplements are more than a multivitamin. In their flagship product as well as their entire line, they pride themselves on being able to ensure product purity and are confident that in ever bottle, the customer is guaranteed the highest quality. To ensure that they were creating the best quality CellSentials, they put their product to numerous test…900 to be exact, so they knew it was fit for their customer’s needs.

USANA is Focused on You!

There is no secret to longevity, and you can’t pop a pill and expect that you’ll be impervious to cancer or disease but you can take measures to increase your immune system and strengthen your level of optimum health; we have an incredible power over our bodies by what we choose to put into them. USANA Health Sciences has a customized area in their customer website portal called My Health Pak where the customer can easily personalize their supplement order. The site helps them select which supplements are the best match for them based on their lifestyle and needs; these supplements can then be ordered and shipped in a convenient pack made specially for them.

Many of us don’t know where to start when trying to imagine how we can incorporate nutritional optimizers into our diet, USANA Health Sciences makes it easy and stress free. USANA promotes a lifestyle rather than a magic pill and understands that everyone is different when it comes to the nutritional supplements they require.

Where Can I Purchase USANA?

Just as any superior product, it’s often not available on your local grocer’s shelf; USANA products are no different, although just because you can’t purchase them in your pharmacy or at the grocery store, doesn’t make them inaccessible. All of the USANA products are sold through direct selling online which for some people may put them off but what makes the difference here is how they approach their customers. They are committed to changing lives for the better and educating people on the benefits of optimal health under their tag line, Your Health. Your Life. Your Way.

The USANA Difference

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What sets USANA apart from the competition within the world of supplements is more than the amazing improvements that seem to be observed as a result of taking the product. Here are a few of the other great things about USANA that we discovered.

  • They are a company with high integrity (The customer’s health needs are at the top of their mind)
  • An open door policy allows them to connect with their customers more effectively and make changes specifically for them
  • Their ingredients are properly sourced and continually tested for contaminants throughout the manufacturing process
  • The product is an open book (What’s written on the bottle is what’s only in the bottle, no more, no less!!!)

In addition to supporting its customers in their journey to a healthier life, USANA prides itself on decreasing its carbon footprint and contributing to a healthier world by running its headquarters buildings solely on wind and solar power. USANA Health Sciences is a company also committed to supporting their home-based business health entrepreneurs in achieving excellence within the organizations so that they can be successful on their path to optimal health. Lastly, USANA has created a charitable worldwide, non profit organization called the USANA True Health Foundation which aim is to ensure that children and families in poverty are able to reach their maximum potential through optimizing their food and nutritional intake.


As USANA likes to believe, the start of healthy living and an improved quality of life begins with strengthening the immune system. Their flagship CellSentials product was just the start of Dr. Myron Wentz’ dream to create a healthy world and since then, USANA has been a company based on continuous product innovation rooted deeply in science and integrity. Their strict manufacturing processed, ongoing research, and drive to deliver the best quality product to their customers, keeps USANA at the top of their game and a global leader in nutritional supplements. If you want to start valuing your health, make a positive change to your lifestyle and start filling your tank with premium fuel like it needs, USANA might just be your answer.

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