This is a scenario that you have probably experienced quite a few times – you’ve planned an awesome camping with your friends and told yourself, “Why sleep in a tent when I can sleep under a billion stars in my sleeping bag?”. However, a wind picks up and you spend the entire night shivering your butt off since your ‘trusty’ sleeping bag couldn’t keep the wind out. Tennier Industries understands your predicament and has a very good solution for those chilly nights – US Military MSS Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag.

Us Military cold weather sleeping bag in black

This sleeping bag was designed to allow you to stay warm even during sub-zero temperatures

This sleeping bag is completely waterproof, all of its seams are heat sealed and it does exactly what it should –  keeping you warm between temperature ranges of 50°F to even -50°F if you slap on a few extra layers of clothing. Measuring in at a length of 81”, foot width of 18” and shoulder width of 33” , MSS Intermediate sleeping bag will give you that snuggled up, warm and cozy feeling. Cold feet? The MSS is designed anatomically with double the insulation at the feet so your toes keep warm throughout the night.

Zipper on the Us Military sleeping bag

The zippers used on this sleeping bag are slightly larger, so that you can easily open it even if your fingers are really cold

An extra sewn-in, quilted chest collar prevents air drafts to enter the bag while the hood is adjustable with a draw-string and barrel lock to maximize heat retention. Tennier Industries understands that small things are a pain for cold fingers. The bag’s over-sized zipper compensates for this and allows for easy opening while a draft flap prevents unnecessary heat loss. With Tennier Industries’ US Military MSS Intermediate Cold Sleeping Bag you’ll be completely ready to face a blizzard.

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