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Here at jebiga, we often cover electric vehicles. Now, we have one more you should know about. URB-E is an electric folding scooter you can carry along when you’re not riding it.

We should start by saying that URB-E is made from carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum. These materials are both long lasting and make it weigh just 35 pounds. The lightweight construction isn’t the only thing making this electric scooter easily portable. The foldable design makes it very compact, so you can store it without problems, and unfold it in just one motion. That’s perfect for fitting in the trunk or placing it in a bus or train.

Two Images Of URB-E

URB-E is a lightweight and collapsible electric scooter that can develop a maximum speed of 15 mph.

With a 250-watt brushless motor you can hit the road at a maximum speed of 15 mph. The advanced sport tuned controller allows you to increase torque and acceleration. The feature that’s very important when talking about electric vehicles is the battery. URB-E has a 36v lithium-ion battery that provides power for 20 miles. Recharging it to full capacity takes just 4 hours.

Grey URB-E With A Basket

URB-E is made of carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum and gets recharged in 4 hours.

There are many benefits of using URB-E. It’s an eco-friendly solution for transport that will at the same time save you money on parking and gas. It’s also very comfortable. The seat is breathable and features integrated shock absorption system.

Two People Carrying URB-E

URB-E is easy to carry and it doesn’t take much space when folded. Perfect for compact storage.

You can get URB-E in black, arctic white, gray and green. Also, there are all sorts of accessories for it like a basket, cup holder, led headlight, phone and tablet mounts, helmets, spare battery charger and even sleeve inserts in many colors.

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Check out this video to see URB-E in action. 

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