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Some time ago, we wrote an article about why you should consider going electric. Well, it would seem that the world is really changing towards a fully electric standpoint. Electric vehicles are becoming more dependable, cheaper, and they have longer ranges. For instance, the Unu Electric Scooter gives us a simple, yet effective, urban transportation system.

Being fully electric, it is clear that the Unu has zero exhaust fumes, or any emissions, for that matter. It is cleaner and it is going to save you a ton of cash.

Man riding the Unu Scooter

The Unu Electric Scooter is completely noiseless and emits no emissions whatsoever.

Apart from emitting no exhaust fumes, the Unu is also noiseless. Unu’s engine is placed in the rear wheel; it is completely maintenance free and far cleaner than any gas engine. Furthermore, the Unu also incorporates a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that allows for exceptional regenerative braking. Every time you brake, you charge your Unu.

Unu Motors Electric Scooter motor in backwheel

Unu’s motor can be found in the rear wheel. It is completely maintenance free!

Unu also has a top speed of 45km/h (28 mph) and a range of approximately 50km (31 miles). However, a second battery can be purchased for its secondary slot to double the range. Charging the Unu is super simple as well; it comes complete with its own charger that allows you to charge it at any power outlet. It recharges in approximately 5 hours from complete empty.

Unu Motors Scooter speedometer

Top speed is 45km/h (28mph). It also has a range of about 31 miles.

Apart from all of these features, one of the most astounding is also the cash that you’ll save. If taken as a general savings, you will be saving up to $840 a year. The Unu is also available in a variety of color variations.

Unu Soooter KERS system

Unu also uses regenerative braking via a KERS system.

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