UNDME Reverse Umbrella


If you thought that some simple product designs like the umbrella can’t be revolutionized, you’re very wrong. UNDME Reverse Umbrella shows a new and innovative way to use an umbrella, from the inside out. It has a double layer that makes sure you don’t get wet.

Not only has the design been improved but the material as well. This one is made using nano waterproof technology. What this technology does is it keeps the canvas more waterproof, in fact, three times more than with regular umbrellas. The material also improves UV protection.

Blue UNDME Reverse Umbrella

The umbrella uses nano waterproof technology and has a strong and durable structure made from fiberglass ribs and aluminum alloy central rob.

Let’s talk more about the design itself. Another benefit of UNDME Reverse Umbrella is that once you close it, the wet side goes on the inside. This is very useful since it reduces the dripping. Also, in situations when it’s pouring outside and you’re in a car, you don’t have to first get out and then open the umbrella while getting wet in the process. The same goes for getting inside the car.

Opening The UNDME Reverse Umbrella

With the revolutionized design, this umbrella opens from the inside out, reducing water from dripping.

With durable fiberglass ribs and a sturdy aluminum alloy central rob, you’re safe from strong winds. With this high level of durability, the umbrella won’t flip inside out. Not to mention it solves the problem of poking nearby people in the head while unfolding it. As for the dimensions, it’s 34 inches in height and 46 inches wide and comes in three colors- yellow, blue and red.

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