You are a wine connoisseur in making, and your wine collection is slowly starting to outgrow your kitchen / basement / storage room. You are also worried that if you continue collecting bottles of wine at the current pace, you will need not only a bigger wine rack but a whole new room for it. Don’t fret because we have a solution for you – underground spiral wine cellar, produced by a British company with eponymous name Spiral Cellars Ltd.

Spiral Cellars Ltd. is run by Lucy Hargreaves and Nigel Hall and the company has been building prefabricated wine cellars for over 30 years. This particular model – the underground spiral wine cellar – has been first developed more than three decades ago, as a great wine storage solution for homeowners.

Underground Spiral Wine Cellar by Spiral Cellars Ltd

The underground cellar can be installed anywhere you can dig a hole. It is made of concrete, cylindrical in shape, and has a spiral staircase for access. The cellar is watertight, and comes with a glass trapdoor at the top. You don’t need to worry about ventilation or the temperature in the cellar since this wine storage system uses the nature’s natural features to provide the optimal humidity (of around 70%), darkness and temperature (between 15°C and 16°C).

The cellar’s diameter is around 2 metres, while its depth ranges from 2 to 3 metres, allowing the storage of between 1,000 and 1,870 bottles.

Wood trim Underground Spiral Wine Cellar by Spiral Cellars Ltd

The underground spiral cellar comes in several options – White, Original, Garden, Essential, and Mini. Allow between three and eight days for installation. There is even an option of building your own. The manufacturer offers an array of cellar kit packages. “Customers can choose from two sizes of Essential Cellar, allowing for up to 1,000 bottles, which are both accessed by a secure and cost-saving ladder, rather than the traditional concrete spiral staircase”, Spiral Cellars Ltd says.

Furthermore, the Spiral Cellar does not use electricity to maintain the correct temperature and humidity, so power cuts don’t pose a problem. And there is, of course, the ‘wow’ factor because this is a really striking feature to any home. watch video below

Inside an Underground Spiral Wine Cellar by Spiral Cellars Ltd

Underground Spiral Wine Cellar by Spiral Cellars Ltd in a restaurant

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