Ulo – The Surveillance Owl

from €149

Get this – a surveillance camera that looks like an owl and even interacts with you through cute eye motions. Yeah, we agree that “cute” isn’t often connected with “security”, but Ulo will make you change your mind. And, trust us, even the manliest man is going to fall in love with this toy.

It’s pretty safe to say that this is a next-generation surveillance camera: it keeps you safe and it communicates with you. Shaped like an owl toy with large eyes, it actually keeps the screens hidden inside them. Hidden behind the nose, the microphone, camera and motion sensor will be always alert.


Meet Ulo, the new surveillance system you’ll wish to get ASAP.

Ulo connects to your home WiFi and streams photos and videos in real time. The eyes follow every motion and blink when you take snapshots. Turn on the Alert Mode and the owl’s eyes will shut down, every movement detected will be converted into a GIF and sent to your email.

Ulo's anatomy

Here’s what’s inside of the cute owl.

When Ulo needs charging, its eyes will look sleepy, while they will be really bright when charging. In addition, it can look happy, grumpy, surprised, upset, agitated and puzzled – and you can change the eye color using the app that goes with it. Great as a baby monitor or an unsuspected witness to your employee’s behavior, Ulo will, if nothing else, make you smile really often. [via]

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Changing Ulo's eye color with app

You can even change the eye color using the app.

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