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When it comes to music, you get casual listeners, and then you get true audiophiles. You can always trust the advice of an audiophile; these are people whose entire lives revolve around listening to music and, of course, getting the best sound quality that there possibly is. One of the items that should be in every audiophile’s musical repertoire is the Phantom Speaker, and, of course, a turntable. Especially, the Orbit Plus Turntable.

Every sound aficionado can tell you that there is no better sound quality than that of vinyl. However, one drawback that comes with listening to vinyl, is the fact that turntables are exceptionally expensive. That being said, the Orbit gives you bang for your buck, and is designed to give you optimal sound quality at a value price.

Two different views of the U-Turn Audio Orbit

Minimalistic, the Orbit focuses on sound, and not clutter or a price tag.

U-Turn Audio focused on the sound quality, giving you warm and exceptionally detailed sound, without bulking it up with unnecessary features. This gives you a smaller price tag, for the same quality. Each Orbit is also hand-assembled in Massachusetts with mostly American made components for the best sound quality. Check out the video below.

U-Turn Audio Orbit in White

This particular model is available in spectacular white. It will fit with any decor you might have.

The Orbit features a Unipivot tonearm, a manual belt drive, and an Audio-Technica cartridge. In addition to this, it also comes with a 33 / 45 RPM pulley, and an adjustable VTF. Besides having a variable RPM, the Orbit features a machined MDF plinth, and a stunning machined acrylic platter. The turn is supplied by a 24V synchronous motor, and it also has vibration dampening feet. Of course, it would not be complete without the felt mat, shielded RCA cables, and the set up guide.

The Orbit measures 17” wide, 13” deep, and it has a height of 5”. It also weighs in at 12.5 pounds and comes in a stunning white.

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