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Are we wrong in saying that the majority of men dream of having a beautiful motorcycle? There’s just something primal about driving a motorcycle and then there is also ‘the chick magnet’ effect; the more unique your bike is, the stronger the effect. Leonardo Da Vinci was quoted as saying: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and we believe that the English custom motorcycle specialist Auto Fabrica has hit the spot with their Type 6.

Front of the Type 6 motorcycle

Auto Fabrica Type 6 Yamaha XS650 motorcycle

The Type 6 started off as one of 4 Yamaha XS650’s that gave life to Auto Fabrica and as such is completely unique. The Type 6 is sleek, elegant and simple with a 2.5mm one-piece crafted aluminum tank and seat base that emphasizes the clean lines of the bike. Inspired by Bertone and Pininfarina, the Type 6, with its precise details, sharp lines and gentle curves, gives that “Art on Wheels” look that every custom bike should strive for. The XS650 frame headstock has been lowered which gives the bike a strong top line and the custom rebuilt engine has been fitted with 0.5 oversize pistons for that added power. The engine has also been converted to a single carburetor that emphasizes the curvature design of the bike and accentuates the dual hand-bent exhaust pipes.

Making of the Auto Fabrica Type 6 Yamaha XS650

Auto Fabrica has truly outdone themselves with the Type 6 and has shown that sometimes simplicity does indeed lead to the ultimate sophistication. Lead designer, Bujar, had this to say about the Type 6 design, “We strived to achieve a bike which was executed perfectly and epitomizes what we see as a ‘real’ custom motorcycle—simplicity in form, complexity in detail.” [via]

Detailing of the Auto Fabrica Type 6 motorcycle

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