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Dating back to 3,300BC, the first use of the coin purse was discovered with Otzi the Iceman. Obviously we have progressed much more since then but carrying our currency and cards is still a necessity and our wallets have become an extension of ourselves; the wallets that we choose tell much about our style and particular taste. It is exactly for these reasons that the Tyni Wallet has been making waves around the world with its minimalistic and yet, elegant, style.

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All Tyni Wallets are constructed out of only the best Napa leather and they are adaptable so that you can use it as you see fit.

Various shots of the Black Tyni Wallet

Apart from being slim and minimalistic, the Black Tyni Wallet can be molded to suit your needs and style.

For the complete minimalist style, you can get the Black Tyni Wallet that features a horizontal middle slot that can be used to house cash, notes and receipts along with a back slot that allows quick access to your most used card and middle pockets that can hold multiple cards.

Tan Bifold Tyni Wallet next to PSP

The Tan Bifold Tyni Wallet features two RFID protected pockets that ensure the safety of your most valuable cards.

On the other end, you can get the Tan Slim Bifold Wallet that offers one non-RFID blocking pocket as well as two pockets that are equipped with RFID protection. This is crucial to keeping your electronic info safe. This wallet also offers an extra wide cash strap to secure your currency, two slanted pockets for multiple cards and quick draw card slot on the back.

Brown and Blue versions of the Tyni Wallet

Apart from the Tan and Black colors, you can also get the Tyni Wallet in Brown and Blue.

The Tyni Wallet is also currently on sale and they have a variety of styles to choose from, including some which have RFID protected pockets, Bifold’s, Regular and a selection of colors that will augment your style.

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