TYLT VU is a wireless charger for any Qi compatible phone, and it has brought the Qi charging method to perfection. TYLT neutralized some problems of previous Qi chargers, such as the situations when you leave your phone on a charger and when you come back, you realize that nothing has happened and the battery is still empty, because you didn’t hit the hotspot on your charger.

To get rid of this issue, they invented multi-coil free positioning technology, and started using it instead of the single coil designs, that sometimes really bothered the users. This means you can set your Qi compatible phone in any position, even without removing the protective case, onto TYLT VU and it will start charging in no time without any risk of not being recharged. The interesting fact is that it doesn’t need any more time to fully charge the battery than common wall chargers.

Wireless charger from TYLT

TYLT VU looks rather minimalistic, but still trendy, since it is delivered in various colors such as red, blue, green and black. Its creators made it very functional, as well, because you can keep looking at the screen, while the phone is charging, since it is going to be positioned at a 45 degree angle. Also, there is a charging indicator light, just in case you are not sure whether it is working or not, because you have been fooled many times by the previous single-coil Qi chargers, and when it finishes, it goes to standby mode. Each mode is different from the others so there is no confusion.

TYLT did an amazing job with the VU, so this little useful gadget is truly worth buying, and you should consider getting one for yourself as soon as possible.

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Wireless charger for smartphones

Wireless charger for phones

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