One of the greatest summer pastimes is surely sitting with your friends or family in your garden on a hot Sunday afternoon, comfortably positioned in your chair while sipping chilled drinks. Add to that picture one more thing and you’ll have the setting for the most perfect summer day. And that thing is Tuuci’s Ocean Master MAX Cantilever – a combination of “art and engineering harmonizing in a symphony of shade”.

Ocean Master MAX Cantilever is inspired by sailing yachts which can be clearly discerned from its anodized marine-grade canopy, a strong V-max oval-shaped mast, and reinforced strut joints. The cantilever’s fulcrum is made from extremely durable aluminum while the telescoping properties of the mast ensure that the umbrella easily opens and closes.

Ocean Master MAX Cantilever’s canopy comes in three shapes – square (the diameter ranges from 2.4 to 4 metres), rectangle (3.0 x 4.3m and 2.4 x 3.7m) and octagon (from 2.8 to 4.0m). Also, there are several vent & pocket, profile, finial, panel, canopy and lifting system options to choose from.

Tuuci, which is based in Miami, uses only the sturdiest, the most durable and the most aesthetically pleasing fabrics for its pavilions, lounges and parasols that are also very easy to care for.

Tuuci single cantilever umbrella

Tuuci umbrella

Tuuci cantilever umbrella

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