The Turtle Shell speaker has some features that have become a standard for such products, but it is also significantly different in some other respects. The Turtle Shell speaker comes from Outdoor Technology and it is truly a product designed for outdoor activities.

The turtle Shell is a simple Bluetooth speaker designed for outdoor use. This feature enables you to use the speaker with various Bluetooth equipped devices from as far away as 30 feet. In addition, there is a 3.5mm jack option. These are the things that are becoming more and more common for various speakers.

The differentiating features usually include the design and some new ideas and the Turtle Shell has both. The design is based on polygonal shape that is reminiscent of a turtle shell with geometrical triangular peaks. There are several different colors to choose from. The speaker is rugged and it inspires confidence. The speaker stands on rubber feet that elevate it slightly from the surface. The triangular peaks are perforated and you can see the two silver speaker drivers. There is also a bass that is placed at the bottom of the speaker behind a rubber grate.

Turtle Shell Wireless BoomBox Speaker 1

In addition, the speaker is weather resistant, meaning that rain, dust and poolside use are not a problem for the Turtle Shell speaker, but submerging it is. This is a very useful feature for a product that will probably spend most of its life outdoors. Also, you can use the speaker on your bicycle by connecting it to an optional accessory aptly named Turtle Claw. Having in mind the sturdiness, the dimensions of 5 x 3 x 2 inches and the weight of 1.8 pounds, the Turtle Shell is definitely easy to carry around.

Turtle Shell Wireless BoomBox Speaker 4

The sound is also good. At top volume the sound can get a bit distorted, but nothing serious. In addition, you will hear the bass a lot better when you let the bottom driver breathe.

The battery will run for at least nine hours per charge, which is pretty good for a portable speaker.

The controls include the ON/OFF button and three buttons on the side. The arrow marked buttons serve as both track and volume controls.

Having in mind the price of just under $65 it is cheaper than most other portable wireless speakers that may be a bit louder, but definitely not as rugged.[via]

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Turtle Shell Wireless BoomBox Speaker 3

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