The Tumbler Batmobile might be the ultimate show-off car. It is an exact replica of the Batmobile used in Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan and the best thing is that it’s – street legal. Yes, you don’t need to be Christian Bale to get the chance to drive the Batmobile around. Although you might need to have his bank account for this.

The Tumbler Batmobile costs $1,000,000, or as much as two Lamborghini Aventadors, plus a little bit more. For this kind of price you will get several perks. First, the LS1 5.7l V8 engine and 44 inch tires. No, it’s not a typo, the tires are actually this big. Next, most of the stuff on the Tumbler Batmobile is custom made, including the frame, chassis, windows, doors and automatic transmission. Furthermore, you get five cameras to help you navigate it, a stereo, satellite navigation and iPod integration to enjoy during breaks from crime fighting. Last, but not the least, you get the ability to turn literally every head you come across.

The price might be justified having in mind that there are only five of them made and that it is actually – once again – street legal. Oh, and there is only one color – black. Having it in any other would be blasphemous.

Tumbler Batmobile

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