The Trillia Mina II is set apart from most modern aromatherapy oil diffusers by several things. The first one being that it is entirely handmade by highly skilled carpenters and glassblowers. Secondly, this diffuser is equipped with a state of the art, low-noise air pump which will help diffuse your favorite essential oil all over your house. These two characteristics greatly contribute to the quality and functionality of this diffuser. With a compact size and brilliant design, Trillia Mina II will fit perfectly no matter where you decide to use it.

Noise and scent test

Both the noise and the scent output of this diffuser have been tested

Like it was already mentioned, all major parts of the Mina II, both the wooden base and glass nebulizer, are entirely handmade. When you take a look at Mina II, it is evident that the process of making this diffuser is anything but easy. In order to create its wooden base, the finest wood is selected first and then it gets manually shaped. After that, the polishing and priming coating is repeated at least 5 times. This takes a lot of time, but this is the only way to make it look as smooth and perfect as it does. Because of this process the diffuser receives a glittering but tender glow. The very small nebulizer is also handmade but its size doesn’t affect its atomizing performance. Which means a lot as such precision is not easily achieved, which is why most diffusers are not handmade. When combined, the glass nebulizer fits perfectly and seamlessly onto the wooden base. Its small size will allow it to blend in among your furniture and its non-aggressive look will not make it overly stand out.

Wooden base

The process of making the wooden base is long and difficult but ultimately worth it

Mina II is extremely efficient at saturating the air with pleasant aromas due to the combination of the aforementioned nebulizer and high performing air pump called Euros III. This pump performs at a very low noise level of 50 dB when working on its own, which goes down to 5 dB when placed in the wooden base of Mina II. This and the fact that it requires very little power consumption gives Mina II a great advantage over other aromatherapy diffusers. The pump speed can also be adjusted to control the power output and the speed at which the aroma will be dispersed through your house.

Aromatherapy diffusers which are as well-made as this one and which utilize nebulizing technology are quite the rarity. The Trillia Mina II offers exemplary craftsmanship and the very best technology when it comes to turning your home into an area of relaxation. All you need to do is pick your favorite essential oil and enjoy yourself while Mina II does all the work.

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The handmade nebulizer will help spread your favorite aroma

The making of the nebulizer

The Nebulizer in the making

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