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If you’re a knife lover as much as we are, chances are that you would like to carry the tradition over to your kids. However, there is always a danger of someone, especially a child, to injure themselves grievously. Knives, after all, aren’t toys. Luckily for us, Klecker Knives has brought out their Trigger Knife Kit for kids.

Designed to be safe, practical and educational, these Trigger Knife Kits are great fun for children and adults alike.

Trigger Knife Kit in glow-in-the-dark

These knife kits come in a variety of different colors, including glow-in-the-dark.

Essentially, these knife kits are punch out pieces of PVC that work as an educational tool. It teaches them proper knife handling and ownership; and it also teaches them how a folding knife works on the inside. As a safety precaution, all of the edges have been rounded, much like a plastic butter knife. As for the adults, they do make excellent letter openers.

Trigger Knife Kit in different colors, and a picture of it being painted.

By combining multiple colors, your kids can create the knife that they want. You can also let them paint their blades for more unicity.

These trigger kits come in a variety of different colors, even including a glow-in-the-dark kit. Multiple kits can also be used to create knives with different color schemas. This makes each build unique. They can also be painted for some extra fun.

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