Trex 6310 Ice Traction Device  is a one piece traction accessory for your winter shoes created by Ergodyne. It is adjustable, easy to use and very efficient.

If you spend lot of time on ice, especially working, you will have to do something to improve traction. Simply there is no way you can constantly be focused on not falling. The Trex 6310 is a perfect accessory for this. You simply attach it to your boots and that’s it. It features 10 sturdy steel studs surrounded with rubber casing. Now the rubber is very important due to the fact that it is supposed to perform in very low temperatures and this one does. It remains flexible in temperatures down to -40 degrees.

Trex Ice Traction Device by Ergodyne 1

The Trex ice traction device is adjusted using a cinch chord so it should fit most sizes. In addition, there are size options to chose from, so there is basically no way you can’t find the size you need. Moreover, the rubber is stretchable so it is very easy to put them on or take them off.

When it comes to maintenance, the Trex 6310 is also great. It is abrasion resistant, hand washable and waterproof. Also, you can buy replacement studs that are sold separately.

To sum up, if you need more traction on ice, the Trex 6310 takes the cake for several reasons – most importantly, it performs exceptionally well, it is rugged, easy to use, it works well in low temperatures and it is not expensive, being available on Amazon for just $20.99.

Get it from Amazon here

Also available in Europe here

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