Trendy Butler | Monthly Clothing Subscription For Men

from $65/month

We all know that modern life is super busy; we barely get time to do the things that we actually need to. So, why not have your own personal stylist that chooses out clothes for you dependent on your style. The beauty is, you can simply do it online within a few minutes! Introducing Trendy Butler!

Trendy Butler is an easy to use clothing subscription for men, removes a lot of hassle from your life, and you get new clothes every month.

Check out Trendy Butler here.

Three different styles that Trendy Butler offers

Simply select your style and narrow down your choices and sizes. (note: These are box examples taken from Trendy Butler)

When you get started, you get to choose between three different styles depending on your personal taste. Those three styles are Casual and Stylish, Work Hard and Play Hard, and, Diverse Taste. Once you have selected your style, you then get 3 more options to narrow down your tastes. You then select your sizes, pant styles, and other options, and you’re done! Check out the video below.

Trendy Butler clothing package

Then simply received your hand-picked selection for the month.

Simply sign up, and you’re ready to have Trendy Butler subscriptions cater for your style needs every month. You also get major discounts on the clothes that you are purchasing, with your cost sometimes being as little as half as the retail price for the same clothes.

Check out Trendy Butler here.

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