Treepod at Soneva Kiri |Suspended Dining Pod in Thailand

Visiting Thailand should be on everybody’s bucket list. Dining and enjoying a glass of your favourite drink atop a tree in Thailand should be at least among the top three items on this list. And for that, there is only one place to go – the Treepod at the Soneva Kiri Resort which is situated on the untamed and virtually uninhabited Thai island of Koh Kood. To quote the people from Soneva Kiri: „Dining at the Treepod takes haute cuisine to new heights!“ We add – figuratively and literally.

The Treepod is a bamboo pod which is hoisted five metres up (16 feet) into the tropical tree. Once you are seated in the pod, a waiter, with almost acrobatic skills, will use a zip line to deliver the pre-ordered drinks and delicacies to you. While you are dining, take in the views of the lush tropical vegetation and surrounding sandy beaches because they are nothing short of breathtaking.

Video below includes the view from the Treepod and the zip wire in action.

video via ornsorns

The Treepod, which can take up to four people, was designed and built by eco-designer and founder of Sri Lanka-based company Nomadic Resorts Louis Thompson in collaboration with architect Olav Bruin and Jonathon Odet and Pon from Little World who were in charge of the zip line system.

The pod’s frame is wrapped in rattan while the building team did not use any bolts or screws whatsoever in order to keep the trees intact and stay true to Soneva Kiri Resort’s environmental philosophy. The resort also uses strategies like recycling rainwater, passive cooling, green roofs and daylighting to accomplish its environmental goals.

Treepod suspened from a tree at Soneva Kiri, in Thailand

Side view of theTreepod at Soneva Kiri, A Suspended Dining Pod in Thailand

Treepod at Soneva Kiri, A Suspended Dining Pod in Thailand

Man taking a plate of food to a Treepod at Soneva Kiri via zip line

Treepod at Soneva Kiri, A Suspended Dining Pod in Thailand

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