Tree-O-Frame Hammock System | by Treble Hammocks


All hammock enthusiasts that enjoy camping with friends and family often find themselves in a situation where they can’t find the perfect spot for the group. Treble Hammocks’ Tree-O-Frame is a thoughtful solution for hanging three hammocks in one place. It is a webbing frame that is designed to strap around trees. The trees can be anywhere up to 30 feet apart. All you need is three of them, and they do not need to be evenly set apart.

Hammocks connected to each other

The system allows several hammocks to be connected to each other

It is easy to reconfigure it since not everyone has the same weight and not all trees are the same distance. It also has an easy setup. The straps loop around the trees and connect to the webbing frame strap, all connected to the center O-ring. It has longer and shorter straps so you can mount the hammocks really close together or farther apart.

several hammock connected to each other

The frame can hang just one hammock, or they can be stacked, making a hammock colony in the woods. Each frame can support up to 800 pounds, so if you have a larger hammock, more people can join. If you set your hammocks close to each other, it makes it easier to socialize. You can reach out to people, play cards, share food and drink. watch video below

Treble Hammocks hammock system

Hammock attached to 3 trees

With the Tree-O-Frame you can suspend in mid air in the middle of nowhere where otherwise not possible

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