Traveling in Egypt

If you are planning to travel to Egypt, you are in for a fantastic experience. After all, very few destinations promise to engage all your senses and help you indulge in all the excitement completely. There’s plenty to do and see here, right from the majestic ancient sights to the eclectic nightlife and the aromatic foods on the streets.

Before traveling to Egypt, you must learn about the country’s cultural traditions, safety, and etiquette before planning and packing. Learn about the multiple-entry visa, how to get from Cairo to Luxor, and ways to explore the lush delta around the mighty Nile. Egypt offers a diverse experience to its visitors, whether it is the magnificent monuments, the modern cities, the iconic pyramids, or the markets of Cairo.

Let us see how you can make the most of your trip to Egypt

There is a lot to see beyond the pyramids and Sphinx

Don’t just spend all your time on the pyramids and sphinx, as there are many ancient wonders such as the Pyramid of Khafre, the Khufu Boat Museum, and many more. Visit popular sites such as the Amun Temple Enclosure, St Catherine’s Monastery, and and The Temple of Edfu to learn about the country’s history, adventure, and culture.

Spend time with locals

It is a great idea to experience the cities with the locals to understand the country better. For instance, you could visit a restaurant with a local and enjoy local delicacies that you could have missed. You can ask your local guide to show you around, use public transport, and explain the local customs and dishes.

Take a couple of Nile River cruises

The Nile River is the lifeline of Egypt and has been the cradle of civilization for centuries. Taking a cruise on the Nile is like coming face to face with the history and culture of Egypt and getting a unique perspective of the country. Moreover, you get an excellent opportunity to explore ancient villages, towns, and temples along the riverbanks.

Explore the Western Desert

Egypt’s Western Desert is much older than the Pyramids, and being here is like being in the middle of a world of elemental beauty. The surreal rock formations amidst the shimmering vista of the white desert will leave you mesmerized. It is simply bewitching to look at the ripple and swell of the Great Sand Sea’s mammoth dunes. Some of the must-visit spots include the White Desert National Park, the Necropolis of Al Bagawat, and the Shali Fortress in Siwa Oasis in the Western desert.

Spend a day in Cairo

It is a must to spend a day in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, where you will find the modern, vibrant side of the country coexisting harmoniously with the ancient past. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by some amazing sounds and smells, such as the prayer calla from the minarets, the rattling sounds from donkey carts, and the fresh aroma of street food. Tourist points of interest include the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square and the vibrant Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

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