If you spend a lot of time travelling, or just commuting, the Travel Hoodie Pillow is something you really need. It will make your quick, urban naps far more comfortable than they are now.

The Travel Hoodie Pillow provides inflatable support for your neck rather than your head, mostly due to the fact that unnatural head positions put a lot of strain on the neck and result in often unbearable pain.

But your head hasn’t been forgotten. Atop of the pillow, you get the hood with adjustable drawstrings which you can use to adjust the amount of the visibility you get of the world around you, allowing you to comfortably read during a trip, or, on the other hand, block out the rest of the world.

The neck pillow insert is inflatable, which means that it can deflate as well and fold making the storage very easy.

Moreover, the Travel Hoodie Pillow is made of premium sweatshirt material comprised of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Having in mind its low price of $19.99 on Amazon, you can even buy several and in different colors and thus match them with your choice of clothing for a particular day. The colors available at the moment include Heather Gray, Black, Ocean Blue, Fire Red and Lipstick Pink.

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